Yup! There's gonna be an English version, too!

In the lack of a better image, to begin with...

In the lack of a better image, to begin with...

Or maybe, just maybe.

An old question that keeps pouding over my head: "why don't I write in English, dammit?".

And there's simply not a single good answer to that.

English and Portuguese are almost the same (lousy) in my head - both to understand or communicate - and I dare to say I consume 10x more content in English, but I've always ended up creating content in... Portuguese!

So, that's the deal: we're calling this "Le English Experiment" (where "Le" means myself, not the French article, and I know I should have added an apostrophe there... shhh!).

In this experiment, differently from my content in Brazilian Portuguese, I'll try to be a little more open and personal (in Portuguese I try to "teach", or at least bring advices).


Mezzo-journal, mezzo-whatever, capice?


Making a long story short: Don't expect much, it's just an experiment (that may take forever).

I was inspired to (finally) start writing in English by my good friend Dirceu (although he haven't said a single word about this, I've got the inspiration 'case he writes a (freaking good) blog. In English).

PS: No grammar tools were harmed during the making of this post.
PS2: In this blog, we don't make "mistakes". We make "variations".
PS3: Dirceu has this kind of powers. He inspires people, just by being alive. My other good friend Pablo says he (Dirceu) rises up the average IQ by 27 points, in any room he's in.

PS4: Leave me a comment, so I know you've been here. Don't be a lazy ass.